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July 26, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

Parade of Dicks : Episode 06 : There Will Be Blood… And Butt Stuff

Why do you poop more when you're on your period? No, that's not it. In this episode, we talk about sex while the better of the species is on their period. Who still does oral? Who switches to anal? Who likes butt stuff? Who cares? Who doesn't care? Find out and join the discussion!

Do you like having sex during your or your parnter's red river day? Let us know and talk to us about other topics you like! Also, leave comments and questions by e-mailing: or by leaving a voicemail by calling +1 (347) 927-2401.

PS: Technical issues on this recording so, you'll only hear Lucy in mono (sorry about that). So make sure to put in both your earbuds!

Kisses and Tweets,
Lucy (@misslucybuttons)
Johnel (@el_jong)
Allegra (@allegra_spread)

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