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June 25, 2017 @ 11:38 pm

Parade of Dicks : Episode 00 : #dickmission

Hello and welcome to the Parade of Dicks podcast! Join burlesque performer and producer, Lucy Buttons, photographer and digital marketer, Johnel, and drag queen , Allegra Spread while they talk about relationships, dating, sex and the occasional social issue.

In this episode, Lucy discusses her #dickmission and the gang remembers how this podcast came about... on a random night outside a cemetary.

You can be on our show by sending your topics and questions to: or by leaving a voicemail by calling +1 (347) 927-2401.

Kisses and Tweets,
Lucy (@misslucybuttons)
Johnel (@el_jong)
Allegra (@allegra_spread)

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